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Certificates and extracts

The following documents are issued based on information in the population register:

  • birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, name change certificates (issued by local governments of county centers and by foreign missions);
  • vital records, transcripts of family registers (the latter is not issued by foreign missions);
  • data in the population register (issued by local governments, notaries and foreign missions).


Before starting to fill in the application electronically, it must be saved on your device.

Family event certificates can be requested via an e-service on the population register portal.


Estonian family event certificate

If the information on your family event (birth, death, marriage, divorce) has been entered in the population register, you are not obliged to submit a written certificate to an Estonian state or local government agency. The state or local government agency consults the population register for your vital statistics.

Certificates are issued upon registering births and deaths and upon contracting and divorcing marriages. Named certificates are issued in either Estonian, English, French, or German.

If there is a need to acquire a document on a family event retroactively, after the registration of the event (the event must have taken place after 1 July 1926), a corresponding request must be submitted to a local government of the county center, the Tallinn Vital Statistics Office, an Estonian foreign mission or using an e-service on the population register portal.

A certificate reflects the vital statistics (e.g. names) corresponding to the time of the event, while an extract reflects the vital statistics corresponding to the moment it is issued.

Before requesting a certificate or an extract, you must specify the exact family event or data in need of certification. If you need to submit the document to a foreign country, it is recommended to consult with the country in question as to the requirements of the document and its content.

Estonia has concluded several international agreements that simplify the process of issuing certificates/extracts by not requiring additional certification in the form of apostille authentication, legalisation or translation.


Extracts from the population register

All adults have the right to access the information entered in the population register regarding themselves, their minor children, individuals under their guardianship and deceased spouses. Extracts from the population register can be issued in both Estonian and English.

Extracts of the information entered in the population register (including certificates of residence) are issued by local governments and the authorised processor of the population register Ministry of the Interior's IT and Development Centre (address: Mäealuse 2/2, 12618 Tallinn, e-mail, phone number 612 4444). Information can be accessed on the Estonian state portal at, under the section for the population register e-services.

Last updated: 10 December 2020