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Minister of the Interior

At today’s Government session, Minister of the Interior Mart Helme presented the draft act amending the Aliens Act and other entailed acts, the aim of which is to rearrange the rules of foreigners staying, studying and working in Estonia.


Amendments to the Aliens Act, the Income Tax Act and the Taxation Act, aimed at preventing disregard for employment rules in Estonia enter into force as of today.


Viimased nädalad on olnud traagilised. Lubamatult palju on olnud liikluses hukkunuid. Lubamatult palju on olnud uppunuid.


The Riigikogu today approved digital nomad visa related amendments, pursuant to which Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to create a digital nomad visa.


Pursuant to the Government’s decision the restrictions concerning foreign workers will remain in force also after the end of the emergency situation on 17 May. Third country nationals who are currently staying abroad cannot enter Estonia yet.


Riigikogu passed the amendment to the Aliens Act allowing foreign workers staying legally in Estonia as of 17 March 2020 to extend their short-term work permit to continue working in agriculture until 31 July 2020.


The coalition supported the proposal to extend the work permits of those foreign workers who were in Estonia as of 17 March and whose employer’s main business activity is agriculture until 31 July.


The entry of foreign nationals in Estonia has been restricted during the emergency situation to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The foreigners who at present have a valid permit to stay in Estonia and their short-term employment period has not expired can continue to work here.