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Uuest aastast saab AS Andmevara asemel Eesti rahvastikuregistri volitatud töötlejaks siseministeeriumi infotehnoloogia- ja arenduskeskus (SMIT).


Государственные и муниципальные учреждения, а т


Согласно части 2 статьи 8 Закона об общей части граж


In accordance with subsection 8 (2) of the General Part of the Civil Code Act, adults who due to mental illness, mental disability or other mental disorder are permanently unable to understand or direct their actions have restricted active legal capacity.


State and local government agencies and legal or natural persons have the right to access information in the population register for the performance of public duties.


Access to data in the case of a legitimate interest


A new given name, surname or both given name and surname can be applied for by Estonian citizens and by stateless individuals residing in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit.