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27.03.2015|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of the Interior, Hanno Pevkur: “We can speed up and simplify the process of granting asylum to Ukrainian refugees.”

The Minister of the Interior is convinced that Estonia must express solidarity in the current situation and do everything in its power to help Ukraine. The past months have shown that Ukraine is not able to manage the internal displacement of persons on its own. According to the Minister of the...
27.03.2015|Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior finalised the Internal Security Strategy for 2015–2020

The Government is set to discuss at its meeting tomorrow the Internal Security Strategy for 2015–2020, which was compiled under the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and which introduces a more integrated approach to the topics related to designing and implementing internal security policy...
Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia Hanno Pevkur gave a speech at 83rd Interpol General Assembly (Photo:
05.11.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Estonian Minister of the Interior: Digi-ID will make Estonia world’s e-business centre

Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Estonia Hanno Pevkur gave a speech at 83rd Interpol General Assembly, addressing the idea of taking Estonian digital services on a global level and the possible security issues of digital identification. In his speech, Pevkur focused on Estonian e-...
Country-wide crisis management exercise Cremex (2011)
12.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Next spring the Ministry of the Interior is to organise a major country-wide exercise

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur presented the plan on organising the country-wide crisis management exercise Conex 2015 to the Crisis Commission of the Government of the Republic. The aim of the exercise is to train in the field of crisis situation management and to facilitate broader...
12.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of the Interior to meet with Mother Superior Filareta, warden of Pühtitsa convent in Kuremäe today

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur is on a working visit to Ida-Virumaa today and tomorrow, where he will also be meeting with the warden of Pühtitsa convent, Mother Superior Filareta. On Friday, the minister meets with the people of Narva, and will participate in the opening of the construction...
12.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Residents of Estonia are prepared to volunteer for safety of the country

Today, the study regarding volunteer activities was presented in the Ministry of the Interior. It demonstrates that 46% of the respondents are prepared to partake in the neighbourhood watch, 20% are ready to act as volunteer rescuers and 10% as assistant police officers. “Readiness to...
12.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

The Emergency Centre will be able to help people faster

The Ministry of the Interior has submitted draft amendments to the Rescue Act to the Government of the Republic. Upon adoption of the amendments the Emergency Centre will receive more rights to detect the location of persons in need of help. According to the draft, the Emergency Centre will...
12.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

A new digital solution makes a way for foreigners to utilize e-Estonia

Yesterday evening at a cabinet meeting, the Government of the Republic approved an e-resident digi-ID concept that was compiled by the Ministry of the Interior, in order to take the next step in creating more effective ways to involve foreign entrepreneurs, investors and specialists in Estonia's...
08.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Study: Better availability of information will help foreigners to adapt quicker

  MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR, 2.04.2014 - In order to facilitate the adaptation of foreigners staying in Estonia it is necessary to ensure better availability of information and existence of an effective adaptation program, finds the study on foreigner adaption to Estonian society. Today...
08.06.2014|Ministry of the Interior

Management Board of the EU IT Agency gather for opening meeting in Tallinn

MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR, 21.03.2012 - On 22-23 March, the members of the management board of the European Union IT Agency will visit Estonia to discuss the management issues of the Agency that will start active work in June. The management board of the Agency for the operational management of...