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Trainings within the framework of the welcoming programme for newly arrived immigrants began

12. October 2015 - 14:39
Participants of the course on Saturday. Photo: Terje Lepp.
Participants of the course on Saturday. Photo: Terje Lepp.

Training courses aimed at newly arrived immigrants have commenced. They will help foreigners who have recently migrated to Estonia settle in quickly and easily obtain primary knowledge and skills necessary for successful adaptation to the life in Estonia.

The welcoming programme consists of various theme-based training modules covering different topics and basic level (A1) Estonian language training. “The most popular trainings have so far been the basic level (A1) Estonian language training as well as the basic and the working and entrepreneurship modules,” says Birgit Lüüs, Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration Policy Department of the Ministry of the Interior. Training courses are aimed at all foreigners who have legally resided in Estonia for less than five years and who have either been granted a temporary residence permit or have obtained a temporary right of residence. “These people from the European Union and from outside have mostly migrated to Estonia to study or work but there is also family-related migration,” adds Lüüs.

Among others, Akash from India also participated in the basic module training on Saturday. Akash works in Estonia as a financial advisor and he has a long international career. According to Akash, support in the adaptation process is important for each newly arrived immigrant. “In addition to knowledge about the Estonian society as well as citizens’ rights and obligations, the trainings also provide a good opportunity to establish new contacts. I consider information on the possibilities of use of the Estonian ID-card and the local legal environment especially useful. In future, I also plan to participate in the basic level (A1) Estonian language training of the welcoming programme,” explains Akash.

The Police and Border Guard Board enrols newly arrived immigrants into the welcoming programme since August 2015. As of the beginning of last week, 255 foreign nationals have registered for the welcoming programme training modules. “The interest in the welcoming programme trainings that exists without any special publicity campaign demonstrates that foreigners who come to live in Estonia want and need support in adapting to the life in Estonia,” says Birgit Lüüs.

The welcoming programme is financed by the European Union via the European Social Fund and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and the Ministry of the Interior.

Further information on the welcoming programme trainings is available at