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Next spring the Ministry of the Interior is to organise a major country-wide exercise

12. June 2014 - 19:56
Country-wide crisis management exercise Cremex (2011)
Country-wide crisis management exercise Cremex (2011)

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur presented the plan on organising the country-wide crisis management exercise Conex 2015 to the Crisis Commission of the Government of the Republic. The aim of the exercise is to train in the field of crisis situation management and to facilitate broader cooperation in the matters of state defence.

Conex 2015 is to take place in March and April of next year and will precede the major exercise of the Defence Forces SIIL 2015. According to the head of the Crisis Commission Hanno Pevkur, the two major exercises that are to take place early next year will help to increase the efficiency of state defence. The first of the two exercises will focus on ensuring the internal security, and the second – on the state defensive abilities.

“Conex 2015 will address possible emergency situations and will test our readiness at different decision-making levels. The aim is to control whether sufficient cooperation is ensured between various authorities with regard to swift reaction to incidents threatening state security or public order,” said Pevkur.
The main organiser of Conex 2015 is the Ministry of the Interior. The major event consists of several smaller-scale exercises. For instance, an attack on the critical infrastructure element, large cyber-incidents, interruption of a critical service, massive poisoning, etc. These smaller-scale exercises are organised by the respective responsible authorities, such as, the Rescue Board, the Police and Border Guard Board, the Information System Authority, the Health Board, etc. The previous country-wide crisis management exercise, Cremex, took place in 2011.

The Ministry of the Interior has also presented to the Crisis Commission of the Government of the Republic the amendment plan for the State of Emergency Act and the Government of the Republic Act, while the Ministry of Defence provided an overview of the challenges related to preparation of state security development and implementation plans.

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