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The Ministry of the Interior supports counselling on merging local governments and regional planning

27. March 2015 - 12:19

With help from the European Social Fund, the Ministry of the Interior supports training programmes aimed at stepping up planning and public services in county and local government development. Counsellors are also offering guidance to local governments who are considering merger.

Support from the local and regional development capabilities programme amounts to 1.2 million euros during the 2014–2020 Structural Funds period, and the training and counselling are aimed at county governments, county development centres, local government associations, local governments and civil society organisations.

According to the Minister of the Interior, Hanno Pevkur, the main objective of the programme is to promote regional development and to offer more sustainable and better‑quality local services. “Large disparities in the size and administrative capacity of local governments have resulted in uneven capabilities in terms of planning regional development and providing public services. With our training and development programmes, we aim to make maximum use of regional development potential and cultivate progressive cooperation among local governments, civil society organisations, the private sector and other essential parties,” added the Minister. The programme also offers training and counselling for civil society organisations, who act as partners for local governments both in providing services and promoting regional community life.

We are also continuing counselling the local governments that are planning to merge so as to carry out the mergers at the highest possible level. Local governments can turn to counsellors for help in preparing the mergers and finding region‑specific solutions.

The training programmes and counselling will be launched in the autumn.

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