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Minister of Population Riina Solman: the birth of a child can be registered in e-population register

19. March 2020 - 13:49

From tomorrow, parents can register the birth of their child as an e-service on the new website The given service is now available for all parents, while previously births could be registered online only by married parents.

“With the birth of a child, families have many new responsibilities and instead of the extra pressure stemming from paperwork, families need peace and support while getting accustomed to the new situation. In the current emergency situation brought about by the coronavirus, it is particularly important to avoid excessive social contacts. Therefore, I’m very happy to say that now all parents, including unmarried partners, can register the birth of their child in e-population register without leaving their home,” the Minister of Population Riina Solman explained.

“Due to the national state of emergency, we sped up the implementation of the electronic registration of births. Hard-working developers managed to complete their assignment that had originally planned for the end of March,” the head of the Population Facts Department Enel Pungas stated. “In the current situation, we strongly advise the parents of new-borns to use the e-service for registering the birth in order to avoid going to public authority offices and risk being infected.”

“Estonia is a truly unique e-state as it is known to be the only country in the world where young parents can register the birth of their child and give them a name without leaving their home while sitting, for instance, calmly next to the new-born on the sofa,” the Head of Domain of the IT and Development Centre at the Ministry of the Interior Jaan Kask explained. “It is particularly important in the light of the current events where the health and safety of every individual is the main priority and the possibility to use e-services plays a vital role. It is through such important and high-impact developments that we can make every citizen’s life safer and more convenient,” Kask added.

Today, the website can be used to apply for the registration of the place of residence and to check the registration of a person’s death. The next services provided by the e-environment of the population register will be gradually completed within 2020, e.g. requests for a certificate of a family event, inquiries regarding the persons registered in dwellings forming the basis for the owner of the dwelling to apply for the termination of the registration of persons who no longer use the dwelling as their place of residence.
The website is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Minister of Population is responsible for the population and family policy, the support and promotion of the communities of Estonians living abroad, the coordination of population register procedures, the policy to facilitate the adaptation of new immigrants, matters related to religious associations, and the development of civil society. The Minister’s work is aimed at ensuring the sustainability and development of the nation. Riina Solman has been the Minister of Population since 29 April 2019.