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Minister of Population announces a competition for Aino Järvesoo Award

27. September 2020 - 14:11

On 23 September, the Minister of Population and foundation Pere Sihtkapital announced a competition for Professor Aino Järvesoo Award. The award will be bestowed to those who have especially stood out in the society or in the media by promoting the development of population or the area. Candidates for the award can be nominated until 23 October.

Aino Järvesoo, who was born on 23 September 110 years ago, was a woman with a great sense of mission. She wished for the Estonian population to grow and she contributed a large part of her time and assets to achieving that goal. “What is more important than the survival of a nation?” Aino Järvesoo asked.
“In her activities, Aino Järvesoo was driven by two important ideas – to increase the birth rate and to raise the born children up as educated people,” Minister of Population Riina Solman said. She added that we are following the same principles in policy making today. “Estonia will survive until our nation survives and the survival of a nation is naturally based on population growth and the ever increasing number of years lived healthily. We have also built an education system which supports and facilitates the studies of children who have the slightest inclination to learn and whose family and close ones support it,” Solman pointed out.
The Järvesoo Award will be bestowed on 27 November this year in three categories:
·      To a candidate whose life work has made a long-standing and remarkable contribution to the continuity and development of the Estonian nation, including the wellbeing of families with children, the people’s health, the development of people’s talents, or in connection with global Estonianness;
·      To a candidate who has stood out in the press or other media channels with an expert and substantive discussion of the topic of the preservation of the Estonian nation and Estonianness;
·      To a candidate whose activities have made a remarkable contribution to the preservation and development of Estoninanness abroad.
“Aino Järvesoo represented the way of thought that it is the duty of all of us to contribute to the continuity of Estonianness from the viewpoint of population or cultural development. The bestowment of the Järvesoo Award is a very good opportunity to recognise those who have contributed to the continuity and development of the Estonian nation. By establishing this award, we are bringing the memory of Aino Järvesoo into the public again,” Solman explained the bestowment of the award.
“We are cooperating closely with the Minister of Population and the Ministry of the Interior in ensuring the sustainability of the population and the nation state and cooperation in bestowing the Aino Järvesoo Award is a logical step in our joint activities,” Executive Manager of foundation Pere Sihtkapital, Ants Frosch, explained the background of the cooperation activities. He added that the bestowment of the Järvesoo Award allows us to bring the topics of our population and our nation state and their connections to Aino Järvesoo back into public discussion.
Foundation Pere Sihtkapital is a population policy thinktank that has been operating in Estonia since 2019 and acts as a partner for the Government, the public and private sector and the broader public. The objective of foundation Pere Sihtkapital is to help ensure the sustainability of the Estonian population and the nation state. The objective is based on the Constitution pursuant to which the state must guarantee the preservation of the Estonian people, the Estonian language and the Estonian culture through the ages.
Free-form proposals concerning candidates are expected until 23 October to the e-mail address of foundation Pere Sihtkapital at
The Minister of Population and a representative of the foundation will recognise the nominated candidates in the White Hall of Riigikogu on 27 November this year.
Aino Järvesoo will be commemorated at the religious service of gratitude dedicated to her 110th anniversary at 17:00 on 27 September at the Harkujärve Community Centre to the establishment of which Aino Järvesoo also donated. A bas-relief of Aino Järvesoo will also be opened there.
More information about Aino Järvesoo and the bestowment of the award named after her is available on the webpage of the Ministry of the Interior and the webpage of foundation Pere Sihtkapital.