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Minister of the Interior to meet with Mother Superior Filareta, warden of Pühtitsa convent in Kuremäe today

12. June 2014 - 19:53

Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur is on a working visit to Ida-Virumaa today and tomorrow, where he will also be meeting with the warden of Pühtitsa convent, Mother Superior Filareta. On Friday, the minister meets with the people of Narva, and will participate in the opening of the construction work for the Narva highway border point and the renovated castle park.

The meeting with Pühtitsa convent's warden, Mother Superior Filareta is to discuss possibilities for comprehensive maintenance and renovation projects at the convent. "As we know the state supports places of worship through the places of worship program, and I hope that the convent will take an active role in submitting the applications", said the Minister of the Interior before the meeting. “I also hope to have a discussion about restoring icons as well as painting new ones in the convent, since it's estimated that there are hundreds of orthodox icons in Estonia that need restoration," added Pevkur.
The Pühtitsa convent has been operating in Kuremäe since 1891, and is one of Ida-Virumaa's largest tourist attractions today. About 140 nuns live in the convent and Mother Superior Filareta has been the warden since 2011.

On Friday at 1:30 PM, the Ministers of Justice and the Interior, Andres Anvelt and Hanno Pevkur, will meet the residents of Narva at Tartu University's Narva College in order to answer questions concerning the security of local life, fighting against crime and ensuring human rights and legal order.
After the meeting, the ministers will take part in the opening of the construction work at the Narva highway border point and the renovated  Narva Castle park.

Funding for the repairs of Narva Castle park were provided by the Estonia-Russia-Latvia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme budget. Repairs were made to the Castle park, an additional access road was built to the Ivangorod fortress, and the requisite tourism infrastructure was created. The total cost of the project was 1.8 million Euros.

A 6.68 million Euro construction contract was signed for the renovation of the Narva highway border point last week, a project that will continue until January of next year. "Smooth border crossing will be ensured during the construction, but even so, people need to reckon with the logistical changes imposed by a construction project and take care to plan for enough time to cross the border," said the minister, encouraging people to plan their border crossing. "With this notable investment, we are modernising, for Estonia and for the European Union, one of its most important border points.” The Minister of the Interior and the Minister of Justice will be discussing questions of crime fighting, priorities of criminal policy and other questions related to legislative drafting at a meeting in Narva on Friday. The current cooperation model between the two ministries was formed nine years ago in Laulasmaa, where a declaration of goals and priorities for fighting against crime was signed.

Kaili Uusmaa   
Press Advisor    
Ministry of the Interior