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It has been Estonia’s position that the Schengen border rules have not been violated

30. October 2020 - 16:46

Today, on 30 October, the European Commission published its position concerning the infringement proceedings initiated against Estonia on the matter of Estonia charging a fee for using the waiting area and booking a place in the waiting line for crossing the external border of the European Union in Estonia. It has been Estonia’s position so far that Estonia has not violated the Schengen border rules.

“This issue where the opinions of Estonia and European Commission have been different has been going on for several years. Estonia has been holding the view that the organization of the entry of vehicles to roadway border crossing points as well as a queue for border crossing and the management of a waiting area as well as charging a fee for the above are traffic management methods in the sphere of transport. They have no connection to border control or patrolling and surveillance. Consequently, the procedure and measures established by Estonia are not to be regulated by the Schengen border rules and cannot be in conflict with those rules,” explained Mart Helme, the Minister of the Interior.

The procedure for crossing land border crossing points of the External border in Estonia establishing that a fee must be paid for booking a place in the crossing queue and use of the waiting area has been in force since August 2011.

The Ministry of the Interior will review the letter sent by the European Commission to form a position on it in the coming months.