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Internal security volunteers and their supporters honoured at the Ministry of the Interior

27. March 2015 - 12:07

Today, the Minister of the Interior, Hanno Pevkur, honoured last year’s outstanding assistant police officers, volunteer rescuers and volunteer marine rescuers and expressed his gratitude to the organisations and people who had supported volunteer efforts.

“Volunteers stand alongside professional police officers and rescuers as our important partners who play an invaluable role in ensuring security in communities. The support that volunteers offer to police and rescue officers is particularly significant in rural areas. By being familiar with local circumstances, volunteers are able to respond quickly and thereby prevent or reduce possible damage. Today’s event was our opportunity to show the volunteers and their supporters that the state values their work and contribution highly,” said the Minister of the Interior, Hanno Pevkur.

The 2014 honorary volunteer rescue unit title was awarded to the volunteer rescue unit of Järva-Jaani Fire Fighting Association, the legal successor of the 115‑year‑old fire fighting organisation of Järva-Jaani, who has made great progress in ensuring security in the community over the past years. The unit members have done prevention work by making home visits as well as participating in the project Safety First of Järva-Jaani Fire Fighting Association and in the travelling exhibition titled Help, fire!

The honorary title of assistant police officer unit of the year was awarded to the assistant police officer unit of the central Tallinn police department of the Police and Border Guard Board North Prefecture, comprising 65 assistant police officers. In 2014, the central Tallinn assistant police officers contributed a total of 14,876 policing hours to protecting public safety and order. Thus, the city centre volunteer unit has contributed more hours than some entire prefectures.

The 2014 honorary title of volunteer marine rescue association was awarded to the NPO Saaremaa Volunteer Marine Rescue Society. A newcomer, the association of 25 members consists of four units in Saare County (Kuressaare, Abruka, Lõmala and Kungla) and responds to marine rescue incidents from ports in all the units and where necessary, also from other ports in Saare County that can launch watercraft.

The Minister of the Interior also expressed his recognition to the institutions and persons who have supported their regional assistant police officers, volunteer rescuers ad marine rescuers both financially and with facilities. The following entities were praised for supporting internal security volunteers in 2014: Orava Rural Municipality Government, OÜ FriPuit, Rapla County Partnership Association, Kehtna Rural Municipality Government, AS Nordic Lumber, AS Reiden, Viimsi Rural Municipality Government, Tartu City Government, Rakvere City Government and Miny Many OÜ (Kodused Toidud).

In addition, letters of recognition were presented to Paide Volunteer Fire Fighting Association, Valga Police Department assistant police officer unit of the Police and Border Guard Board South Prefecture, NPO Saadjärv Volunteer Lake Rescue, OÜ Puidukoda, Palamuse Rural Municipality Government, Haaslava Rural Municipality Government, Iisaku Rural Municipality Government, Vigala Rural Municipality Government, Hanila Rural Municipality Government, Rõngu Rural Municipality Government, Kihelkonna Rural Municipality Government, Pihtla Rural Municipality Government, Topsec Turvateenused OÜ and Tallinn City Centre Government.