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The Government approved the border strip elements of the land border

17. March 2016 - 14:20

Today the Government adopted the Regulation, which establishes the design of the land border strip of the Schengen area external land border, guarded by Estonia. The border strip will feature, inter alia, a modern electronic security system, which serves to detect illegal border crossings and cross-border crime, and increases national security.

The Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur stated that depending on the particular features of the landscape and natural conditions the border strip will also be furnished with a border fence, which will be set up in such locations where the risk of illegal border crossing is higher. “Based on the information we have today we shall set up a 2.5 metre high fence along ca 90 km section of the altogether 135 km land border. The border strip will also have an at least two metres wide patrol path and up to eight metres wide ploughed strip, with additionally installed animal barriers, turnpikes, border posts, caution signs and illumination,” Pevkur specifies. 

According to the Minister, security of the border will be the priority of the Ministry of the Interior in the coming years. “Estonia needs a modern state border, which is worthy of serving as the external border for Europe and the NATO. I believe that both the Government, as well as the Riigikogu will support the necessary allocations from the next years’ State budget, so that Estonia could present in her centennial year the most modern border infrastructure in the world,” said the Minister.

The estimated aggregate cost of setting up the high-technology border in 2016–2019 will amount to more than 70 million euros, and therefore, in order to complete the construction and demarcation of the land border in full another 50 million euros would be required. The internal security budget of 2016 allocates 22 million euros towards the development of the border.