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Estonia will soon receive seven war refugees from Greece

25. March 2016 - 13:36

Estonia confirmed to Greece that in the near future, we will receive the first war refugees from Greece in the framework of the European agenda on migration. Among them, there is a five-member Iraqi family, one man from Syria and one man from Yemen.

"Our internal security authorities have by now done their best, and we can confirm that the first war refugees in need of protection will soon arrive in Estonia. If everything goes as planned they will be here next week. Upon arrival, they will be immediately taken under the care of support persons. However, we need understanding that these people are in need of protection, and do not want public attention, which is why we will provide a more detailed review after these people have reached Estonia," said Deputy Secretary General for Public Order and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior, Raivo Küüt. "Estonia wants to actively participate in resolving the migration crisis and we will help in solidarity with other European Union countries as much as we can."

The people who will arrive in Estonia come from areas where the fear for one's safety is a daily concern. "For the people who will come here, no welcoming programme can substitute for the open heart of Estonian inhabitants and it is within the power of us all to make sure that all Estonian inhabitants – including those for whom it is a new homeland – feel safe and necessary in Estonia," added Küüt.

In addition, Greece has submitted to Estonia the files of 12 persons coming from Syria, Yemen and Iraq. Among them, there are three families and one single man. In regard to the persons who have already received confirmation from Estonia and also the persons who were presented now, the first step would be reviewing the information that the persons had submitted thus far and then the Estonian experts conduct on-site interviews with all the people who have been presented to us. If the background check and the interview show that these are people who really are in need of international protection and who do not pose a threat, Estonia will grant its approval. The people to be relocated are asked whether they wish to live in Estonia. As the final step, the people go through a health check and their transport to Estonia is arranged.