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The Emergency Centre will be able to help people faster

12. June 2014 - 19:47

The Ministry of the Interior has submitted draft amendments to the Rescue Act to the Government of the Republic. Upon adoption of the amendments the Emergency Centre will receive more rights to detect the location of persons in need of help.

According to the draft, the Emergency Centre will have a right to use image-transmitting systems in public places in order to identify threats and to locate the person calling 112. The general aim of the draft is to provide for greater security of people and for faster reaction to emergency situations.

According to the Minister of the Interior Hanno Pevkur, the changes are aimed at providing faster and better assistance to people. The amendments also support the transition to a common emergency number 112. “By the end of the year Estonia will make the transition to a common emergency number 112. Thus the Emergency Centre will become the only authority in Estonia able to receive calls for help and to react to them. Therefore, it is only natural that the Emergency Centre should have the right to use security camera images to assess threats and locate people – it may help in situations when, for instance, for some reason people are unable to make a call,” said Pevkur. “The Emergency Centre will also have the right to determine the location of the people in need of help faster and more accurately”.

People making emergency calls may be positioned as accurately as possible using the currently available technical equipment. It allows saving time required for describing one’s location. The rescue team will see the destination’s location in the vehicle and will be able to use a faster route, which is especially important in regions with a low density of population.

The map application is implemented on the basis of the GIS-112 project within the framework of the Estonian-Swiss cooperation programme that is aimed at updating the entire information system of the Emergency Centre. The preparations for deployment of the system are nearing the end.
By the end of this year 112 will become the only emergency number in Estonia and all calls will be answered by the Emergency Centre.

Lennart Komp
Press Advisor

Communication Department
Ministry of the Interior

Phone: 6125033; Mobile: 5626 6964

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