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The creation of the ABIS database will help prevent forgeries and ensure security

In its today’s session, the Government approved a draft act concerning the creation of a national automated biometric identification system (ABIS) database. The Ministry of the Interior leads the creation of ABIS which allows the state to capture and store biometric personal data – fingerprints and...
08.04.2021|Ministry of the Interior

Applicants for an e-resident’s digital ID have to pass more thorough background checks

As of 1 April, an amendment to a regulation of the Minister of the Interior enters into force, pursuant to which future e-residents will be asked for additional data upon applying for a digital ID. The additional data will be requested for the purpose of performing an even more thorough background...
05.04.2021|Ministry of the Interior

Estonia and the US to strengthen cooperation in the field of nuclear security

The Ministry of the Interior and the National Nuclear Security Administration of the United States have entered into a cooperation agreement with a view to enhancing the prevention and deterrence of crimes involving the illicit handling of radioactive substances. Veiko Kommusaar, the...
07.01.2021|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of the Interior endorsed the distribution of the 2021 immigration quota

On 3 December, the Government of the Republic approved 1,315 as the immigration quota for 2021 and similarly to the previous year, the Minister of the Interior signed a regulation which distributes the 2021 immigration quota by the reason for applying for a residence permit and the grounds for...
09.11.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of the Interior Mart Helme stepped down

On 9th November, Estonia’s Minister of the Interior Mart Helme announced of his resignation. Until the appointment of his replacement, Martin Helme, Minister of Finance, will undertake the duties of the Minister of the Interior.
30.10.2020|Ministry of the Interior

It has been Estonia’s position that the Schengen border rules have not been violated

Today, on 30 October, the European Commission published its position concerning the infringement proceedings initiated against Estonia on the matter of Estonia charging a fee for using the waiting area and booking a place in the waiting line for crossing the external border of the European Union in...
22.10.2020|Ministry of the Interior

E-Residency of Estonia is expanding

The Estonian Ministry of the Interior, the Police and Border Guard Board, and BLS International Services Limited signed an agreement to expand the issuance of e-Residency digital ID cards into 20 countries around the world. In the first phase, e-Residency digital IDs will be newly issued in South...
28.09.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Data exchange between Estonian and Finnish population registries moving to X-Road

Data exchange between the Estonian and Finnish population registries was partly transferred to the X-Road platform. Until now, data have been transmitted as files. Data exchange between the population registers takes place automatically once a week and ensures the correctness of data in both...
27.09.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of Population announces a competition for Aino Järvesoo Award

On 23 September, the Minister of Population and foundation Pere Sihtkapital announced a competition for Professor Aino Järvesoo Award. The award will be bestowed to those who have especially stood out in the society or in the media by promoting the development of population or the area. Candidates...
17.09.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The rules of foreigners staying, studying and working in Estonia are being rearranged

At today’s Government session, Minister of the Interior Mart Helme presented the draft act amending the Aliens Act and other entailed acts, the aim of which is to rearrange the rules of foreigners staying, studying and working in Estonia. The Government of the Republic will send the draft act to...