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03.04.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Unemployed Foreigners Must Return Home

On April 2, the government approved the amendments to the Aliens Act and the Obligation to Leave and Prohibition on Entry Act with the aim of ensuring that foreigners from third countries who have lost their jobs leave Estonia at the earliest possibility. “The draft concerns foreign nationals from...
03.04.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Mart Helme: Estonian Food Security does not Depend on 300 Migrant Workers

The entry of foreign nationals in Estonia has been restricted during the emergency situation to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The foreigners who at present have a valid permit to stay in Estonia and their short-term employment period has not expired can continue to work here. “Recently...
19.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The Minister of Population Solman: also volunteers must give priority to their health

In order to provide one’s help in an emergency situation as a volunteer, it is advised to use the formal channels offering voluntary work. The official recommendation is to use the well-established civil society platform with years of experience in providing respective instructions...
19.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Minister of Population Riina Solman: the birth of a child can be registered in e-population register

From tomorrow, parents can register the birth of their child as an e-service on the new website The given service is now available for all parents, while previously births could be registered online only by married parents. “With the birth of a child, families have many...
Mart Helme
18.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The Minister of the Interior Mart Helme: the alcohol sales conditions will be harmonised to protect the nation’s health and sense of security

The government today prohibited the sale of alcohol from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. The sale of alcohol will not be entirely banned. The restriction on sales will apply until the end of the emergency situation or the government decision to lift the restriction earlier. The Minister of the Interior Mart...
Photo: Kaupo Kalda
16.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The Valga-Valka border crossing will be subject to exceptions

The person in charge of the emergency situation Jüri Ratas has extended an exception for the Valga-Valka border crossing point, to allow people who live in the twin city to freely travel between work and home. Implementing the exception allows residents of the Valga-Valka area, who work across the...
Photo: Kaupo Kalda
16.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Everyone arriving in Estonia has to stay in isolation for two weeks

The person in charge of the emergency situation Jüri Ratas has ordered a 14-day restriction of movement for people arriving in Estonia from abroad. From the day of arrival in Estonia it is prohibited for the person to leave home or place of stay during 14 days. Within the two weeks after arrival...
15.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The Rules of Border Crossing from 17 March

The government decided to reintroduce border controls temporarily on all state borders to stop the spread of coronavirus. “We ask people to remain in Estonia and not to travel. When going to another country, people may remain in a quarantine area and returning home may be highly difficult or even...
Photo: Kaupo Kalda
15.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Estonia temporarily reintroduces border controls on the whole border

The government has decided on today’s cabinet meeting to restrict crossing of the Schengen internal and external border temporarily and reintroduce border controls in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The government also supported the order of Prime Minister Jüri Ratas as the person...
14.03.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Solman: public gatherings must be avoided and religious services should be organised via online, if possible

Yesterday, the Minister of Population Riina Solman met with the leaders of the members of the Estonian Council of Churches to discuss the requirements and restrictions arising from the emergency situation. The church leaders unanimously supported the instructions given to congregations on how to...