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28.03.2019|Ministry of the Interior

Every second person has volunteered in the past year

A study commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior and conducted by the Baltic Research Institute shows that every second person in Estonia has participated in volunteer activities in the past year. Compared to a study from five years ago, the share of volunteers has grown from 31 percent to...
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21.02.2019|Ministry of the Interior

The Riigikogu safeguards the future of the British living in Estonia after Brexit

At its today’s sitting, the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) passed the Act that regulates the conditions for residing in Estonia after Brexit for the citizens of the United Kingdom and their family members. As it is still not yet clear whether the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on...
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13.12.2018|Ministry of the Interior

EU law will continue to apply to Britons living in Estonia until 2020

The government has decided to submit a draft act to the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) for further proceedings in order to guarantee rights to the citizens of the United Kingdom in accordance with the European Union withdrawal agreement. Under the amended Citizen of European Union Act, the rights...
13.09.2018|Ministry of the Interior

Facilitations to foreigners studying in Estonia or having received higher education here

In the context of the increasing labour shortage, it is good to know that Estonia provides comprehensive support in integrating to Estonian labour market to foreigners who are studying here or have obtained a higher education here. This mainly because the foreigners who have studied here have...
12.09.2018|Ministry of the Interior

Beginning next year, Estonian language can be learned for free with citizen agreement

The Parliament of Estonia adopted amendments to the Citizenship Act expanding the Estonian language learning opportunities for people who seek Estonian citizenship. During the upcoming year Estonia will start providing the so called citizen agreements for free Estonian language courses and for...
25.07.2017|Ministry of the Interior

Emergency Act entered into force on 1 July

The new Emergency Act which entered into force on 1 July and the related implementing act specify the role of state authorities, local governments and private undertakings in preventing emergencies, in preparing for emergencies and in resolving emergencies. The Minister of the Interior Andres...
06.07.2017|Ministry of the Interior

Estonian Presidency press statement following discussions on Central Mediterranean

On Thursday 6 July 2017, EU’s Interior Ministers, under the chairmanship of the Estonian Minister of Interior, Andres Anvelt, and in the presence of the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Schengen Associated Countries, addressed the migration situation in the Central...
09.06.2017|Ministry of the Interior

This year’s immigration quota to be reached at six months

The immigration quota, which regulates temporary residence permits for enterprise and employment-based immigration from third countries to Estonia, will already be reached in the summer this year. This year’s immigration quota is 1,317 people. Considering that the Police and Border Guard Board...
25.01.2017|Ministry of the Interior

Hiring of foreign workers simplified for more than 300 Estonian startups

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt confirmed a list of Estonian startups that may hire employees from third countries more easily than before. These 339 companies are freed of the obligation to pay foreign experts at least Estonia's average gross monthly pay. They will also not have to ask the...
22.11.2016|Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior and the Police and Border Guard Board are developing a migration-related advisory service

The Ministry of the Interior in cooperation with the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) are developing an advisory service that will help both foreigners planning to settle in Estonia as well as companies and organizations that hire them to get personalized and trustworthy advice on the matters of...