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25.06.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The government approved an amendment to the Citizenship Act

The government approved an amendment to the Citizenship Act, which allows the Estonian citizenship to be stripped from a person who has committed a crime against the state. According to the amendment, the government can revoke the Estonian citizenship of persons who have acquired Estonian...
25.06.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Adopted amendments to law prevent disregard for rules of employment in Estonia

The Riigikogu approved amendments to the Aliens Act, the Income Tax Act and the Taxation Act, the aim of which is to prevent disregard for the rules of employment in Estonia. The amendments will also ensure that the income tax payable on the salary of the foreigners working in Estonia is received...
10.06.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Estonia to be one of the first countries in the world to create a digital nomad visa

The Riigikogu today approved digital nomad visa related amendments, pursuant to which Estonia is one of the first countries in the world to create a digital nomad visa. The Estonian digital nomad visa allows people to come to Estonia and stay here as a tourist, while continuing working for a...
10.06.2020|Ministry of the Interior

New law amendment to place equal responsibility on employers for all foreigners invited here to work

The amendment to the Aliens Act, passed at today’s Riigikogu session, establishes the obligations of a sponsor for employers who register the short-term employment of foreigners also with regard to workers temporarily staying in Estonia from third countries. Until now, such obligations only applied...
29.05.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The borders of Estonia will be reopened from 1 June to passengers arriving from European countries

Estonia will admit people with no symptoms arriving from the European Union, the members of the Schengen area or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The compulsory quarantine for people arriving in Estonia depends on whether the relative coronavirus infection rate in their...
20.05.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Restrictions concerning foreign workers to remain in force also after emergency situation ends

Pursuant to the Government’s decision the restrictions concerning foreign workers will remain in force also after the end of the emergency situation on 17 May. Third country nationals who are currently staying abroad cannot enter Estonia yet. The aim of keeping the restrictions in force is to...
15.05.2020|Ministry of the Interior

The Tallinn City Centre district will start supporting the integration of new immigrants more systematically

The Tallinn City Centre government and the Ministry of the Interior entered into a partnership agreement to develop an action plan to support the integration of new immigrants, compile a comprehensive overview on the needs of new immigrants and accessibility of services in the district, and...
08.05.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Ruth Annus: Amendments to the Aliens Act protect Estonian residents

During the emergency situation, there have been many discussions on foreign labour – who, for how long and when can work in Estonia at the moment. The cluster law initiated with the COVID-19 draft set entered into force today thus changing the conditions for foreign workers staying in Estonia with...
22.04.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Weapons permit validity specifications during the emergency situation

Riigikogu passed an act which, among other things, will extend the period of validity of weapons permits and firearms use-related permits for people whose permits will expire during the emergency situation. “The activities of individuals as well as public institutions are restricted during the...
Photo: Police and Border Guard Board
22.04.2020|Ministry of the Interior

Flexibility in involving assistant police officers, members of the Defence League and military servicemen during the emergency situation

Today, Riigikogu passed the act facilitating, among other things, the involvement of assistant police officers, members of the Defence League and military servicemen in police work during the emergency situation. According to the Minister of the Interior Mart Helme, the act allows to use assistant...