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Religious Associations

Ministry of the Interior helps to build relationships between the state, local governments and religious associations.

The ministry helps to shape political decisions regarding religious associations, advises national and municipal institutions regarding questions on religion, aides religious associations and analyses religion related issues.

Religious associations in Estonia

There are more than 500 religious associations registered in Estonia, most of whom belong to churches or congregational associations.

Places of worship and holy sites

The cultural heritage related to the sphere is maintained with the help of the programme for places of worship. All religious associations in Estonia may apply for support for the maintenance and restoration of religious buildings as the bearers of historical and cultural tradition. The Ministry of the Interior is also a member of the management council of the programme coordinated by the National Heritage Board.

Historic holy sites in nature such as sacred groves, trees, springs, sacrificial stones, sacrificial gardens and cross-trees also form an important part of Estonian culture. The preservation of this heritage and the raising of awareness are the objectives of the natural sacred sites development plan supported by the Ministry of the Interior.



Last updated: 19 August 2021